Manual Handling Hazards & Control Measures

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Manual Handling Hazards & Control Measures

Manual Handling Hazards & Control Measures

What is manual handling?
Manual handling is a common task in our industry & it occurs in all environments through workers in construction, agriculture, hotels & restaurants. To understand hazards and risks associated with manual handling, first of all, we need to understand what manual handling is?

Manual handling is to move, pull and push or transfer of any material by hand or by the movement of your body parts.

What are the hazards & risks associated with Manual Handling?
Now, what could be the risks & hazards associated with manual handling? Manual handling injuries can take more than 3 days usually & almost 10 % major injuries are linked with manual handling work. In the UK, almost 1.1 Million workers are suffered due to musculoskeletal Disorder or their injury became worse due to Manual handling. Every worker that is involved in manual handling is at risk. It does not matter even if the load is light or heavy if you are not doing it in the proper posture you could be at risk of manual handling injury.

Work-related low back pain & injuries are most common cause of manual handling. Manual handling can also cause acute trauma cuts or fracture due to accidents to the worker performing manual handing or to the other worker in work area. Other hazards or risk are neck & upper limb disorder, lower limb disorder, cuts, fractures & back pain.

Factors to consider (Assessing manual handling risks)
There are certain factors that make manual handling more dangerous & these factors are considered as risk factors. These risk factors must be considered before manual handling task which usually can be remembered as “TILE” i.e Task, Individual, Load & Environment.

What can PAK Safety Solutions do for you?
We at PAK Safety Solutions offer a range of HSE services including training, consultancy & advisory services, risk assessment is one of them. Our expert consultants/advisors can help you to manage your workplace health and safety risk due to their diversified experienced education in HSE. We can conduct the risk assessment using various methods e.g. probability matrix etc. We have offered such services to our clients in past for their industrial setups.

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