How to Pass NEBOSH Exam Even if you have failed before

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How to Pass NEBOSH IGC Exam 2018

(How to Pass NEBOSH Exam if you have been Referred or Failed Before)

NEBOSH Certificate level qualification is a benchmark criterion for Health and Safety professionals and personnel with health and safety responsibilities. A number of employers consider it a prerequisite for Health and Safety position at any level.

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Introduction to NEBOSH:

NEBOSH (National Examination Board of Occupational Safety and Health, UK) formed in 1979 as an awarding body with charitable status offering a range of HSE qualifications (Diploma, Certificate, Award). NEBOSH qualifications are recognized and demanded globally.

Many candidates have been referred in their certificate level qualification due to a number of reasons even though they possess enough knowledge and expertise relating to health and safety. In order to convert their referral status to pass candidate should ensure they are familiar with command words, good English communication level and a firm understanding of syllabus (e.g. IGC1, GC2) and many other key items. Candidates have been referred due to following reasons:

  • Lack of understanding of command words
  • Poor communication level or understanding of language (English)
  • Answering questions in hurry resulting in no or limited marks
  • Lack of knowledge and understanding on course syllabus
  • Lack of exam preparation
  • Misreading the questions leading to wrong answer resulting in deduction of marks
  • Spending more time on some questions resulting in less time and leaving questions unanswered
  • No attempt to answer all questions mainly when candidate unprepared for examination
  • Lack of knowledge and understanding of processes, work activities, equipment, and tools.
  • Poor handwriting may lead to no or limited understanding of what is written resulting in fewer marks

Firm understanding and practice of command words will lead you to success. You can see below command words used for NEBOSH certificate level qualifications published by “NEBOSH”.

Click here for detailed Guidance on NEBOSH Command Words.

 Command Word Definition
 Identify To give reference to an item which could be its name or title.

NB: normally a word or phrase is sufficient, provided the reference is clear.

 Give To provide short, factual answers.

NB: normally a single word, phrase or sentence will be sufficient.

 Outline To indicate the principal features or different parts of.

NB: an exhaustive description is not required. What is sought is a brief summary of the major aspect of whatever stated in the question.

 Describe To give a detailed written account of the distinctive features of a subject. The account should be factual without any attempt to explain. When describing a subject (or object) a test of sufficient detail would be that another person would be able to visualize what you are describing.
 Explain To provide an understanding. To make an idea or relationship clear.

NB: this command word is testing candidate’s ability to know or understand why or how something happens. Is often associated with the words “how or “why”.

Understanding and practice of above-given command words can make a difference in between pass and referral.

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Key to Success:

A number of things to be considered in order to pass NEBOSH certificate level exam and without them, you may not pass your examination. Below mentioned some tips that could help you to pass your NEBOSH examination;

General Tip for Success:

  • Solid understanding and comprehensive practice of command words in order to pass certificate level qualification
  • Improved communication level (English) to have better understanding of what examiner asked in question paper
  • Better handwriting to gain good marks
  • Do not take examination or lightly
  • Register yourself for course or exam with enough time space when you can self-study as well

Pre-exam Tips:

  • Prepare your own notes along with book and presentation
  • Go through all study material thoroughly
  • Ensure revision of the syllabus from revision notes
  • Use mind mapping techniques along with mnemonics techniques
  • Take mock test in order to evaluate your strengths/weakness
  • Watch health and safety videos and topic-specific videos in order to have better understanding on specific process/mechanism
  • Go through different external sources e.g. health and safety executive website to gain knowledge from the guidance given on it such as INDG258
  • Practice from past question papers and examiner reports
  • Set daily revision time according to the available time and syllabus

Exam Day & During Exam Tips:

  • Read question paper for at least five minutes and make an answer plan keeping in mind command word used in it
  • Do not spend maximum time any particular question, allocate time according to the marks
  • Read question carefully before you answer
  • Write clearly so examiner could see it during marking
  • Try to avoid overwriting during exam
  • Do not leave any question unanswered, attempt every question according to the command word and criteria
  • Ensure each question is answered and indicated
  • Review prior handing over to the invigilator

Post Exam Tips:

  • Read NEBOSH guidance for practical report
  • Carry out site inspection, complete your observation sheet and management report
  • Submit your report
  • Keep practicing things you have learned

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